Digital Humanities is a rapidly developing multidisciplinary field supporting diverse forms of scholarship, particularly those in which researchers make use of computational power and digitization to interact with source materials in ways that would not be possible otherwise.

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities provides a pathway for individuals working in the humanities, social sciences, and the sciences to advance their understanding of how potential transformative methods, tools, models, applications, and theoretical frameworks are being put to use in expanding the scope and scale of inquiry in the humanities disciplines.

Program Requirements - 12 hours (four courses) from the following:

Required Course: 

HSCI 5613 Issues and Methods in the Digital Humanities

Guided Electives - Choose Two: 

A HI 5913 Visual Culture in Theory and Practice 
C S 5093 Visual Analytics 
ENGL 5463 Rhetoric & Technology 
GEOG 5623 Seminar in GIS Design 
JMC 5970 Digital and Transmedia Theories 
LIS 5343 Archival Concepts and Traditions 
LIS 5453 Digital Collections 
LIS 5613 Dynamic Web Development 
LIS 5623 Introduction to Data Mining for Information Professionals 
LIS 5673 Introduction to Information Visualization 
LIS 5970 Digital Curation

Required Internship: Choose One

HSCI 5623 Practicum/Internship in the Digital Humanities 
LIS 5823 Internship